Saturday, July 6, 2013

Scandinavia Trip

I'm finally getting around to blogging about the fateful Scandinavian trip.  Now that the bones are healed and things are back to normal, AND I can navigate the pictures on my computer, I think I can actually continue.  Most of the houses are small, with many apartments or individual homes that are often shaped like square boxes.  Very few homes are 2-story, but the apartments were multi-stories.
The first picture is near where we got off the train to attend church in one of the Stockholm wards.  It was our first day in Sweden (Sunday) and finding the place was quite an ordeal.  But after help from some friendly Swedes, we found the church about 2 hours late, just in time for the next ward to start.  Same songs, same agenda, and actually quite the same building layout as ours in the US.  Only the language and scenery are changed.  It was quite the accomplishment to get there and enjoy the meeting, even if one of the talks was in Spanish, being translated into Swedish.  The ward members were friendly and very helpful, and actually drove us back to town after the meeting.

We had a lot of snow on the landscape while we stayed there, but I don't think it snowed at all while we were there, except for a few flurries.  It was very cold, especially with the wind blowing fiercely at night.  The second picture I think is beautiful.  The landscape, although covered with snow, is gentle and sweeping as this picture shows.

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