Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Here is a quick look at Jeannie's home. Of course she and Emmett have done a beautiful job of decorating. They are really good at it. First is the kitchen which looks out onto the huge patio and backyard. Next is the master bedroom, looking out to the backyard also. Next is the entry and breakfast room, and last is the backyard with large trees, gazebo, fountain and 180 ft of new fence. It's a very nice 55 and up neighborhood located close to many wineries, one of which we had a short tour--no samples though. Besides all the touring, we visited several thrift shops where they find many interesting items. Mother and I came home with several new shirts, books and a few other things. Very fun!

Here are a few pictures along the way from Mother's and my trip to Santa Rosa. It was perfect weather all the way. We stayed in Cambria on the coast the first night (the first picture). We visited Cambria Lodge and they have beautiful gardens which we walked through and took this picture. The next picture is of Mother, Jeannie and Emmett in Sonoma eating our lunch in the shade outside of one of many wineries. They really showed us around the area, which we loved seeing. Mother was such a good sport, even though she got a little tired. I think she's glad to be back home again--but we had a lot of fun. The next picture is coming down Highway 1 coming home. The road is windey, but the views are spectacular.

It's been a great year for flowers. The garden has already produced a bunch of tomatoes, a little broccoli, enough strawberries to make freezer jam, and everything is just beautiful. It's been a pretty cool summer so far.

A little cousin time together. We also had a mini music night. Rebecca favored us with a very difficult and nicely done piano solo. Our musicians are improving and increasing. Yay!

Here we are still at Griffith Park. Matthew and Kate are riding horses together and then Kate and Katie together. No one freaked out and they really liked riding. Next picture is on the miniature train--a nice ending before we all came home.

I really enjoyed having Jon's and Ryan's family here for a few days. The first and third pictures are at Griffith Park Observatory. Darice and the kids weren't there that day, but Brooke, Jake and Kate joined us several times during the visit. You can probably see the "Hollywood" sign in the background. Josh is contemplating with Enstein in the 3rd picture. The middle picture is Brent and Josh BBQing hamburgers. They did a good job, but the gas was too low and we couldn't get them to cook. Thank goodness for microwave ovens.

Brent, Carson and Josh with other family members in the big orange balloon. Katie riding the carousel.

Cambryn and Morgan on the merry-go-round at the Great Park in Irvine as we all wait for our turn to go up high in the big orange hot air balloon.