Sunday, February 3, 2013

Harbor Cruise at Thanksgiving

 Cambryn, Kate, Morgan, Katie
Audrey and Jake in the background
 Darice and Maylin sittin' pretty in the sunshine.
 Jon and Rebecca and Matthew.
Brooke, Jake and Audrey.

Cambryn, Jessica, Kate, Bristyn,
Morgan and Katie.  In the center of the boat was a big mattress covering the engine.  It was fun to ride on the mattress as it jiggled.

Jon and Josh watching the activities.

Brent, Carson and Josh soaking in the sun on the top deck of the boat.  Such fun kids!


 The girls are busy writing notes to each other.  Very cute.  They loved being with cousins.

Here are a few pictures of our Newport Bay cruise over the Thanksgiving weekend.  It was a beautiful day and we were warm inside the boat cabin.  We had a 2-hour bay cruise, and everyone went and had a great time.  Even the seals we found as we came to the end of the harbor enjoyed the day.  But further out the fog was thick.  We stayed in the sunshine.  Audrey even warmed up to Ryan on the ride.

What a Time We Had! The Biltmore and NC

I finally got to see and hold my newest grandson, Jonah, but not until Christmas.  He is so-o-o cute and has a lot of personality, and looks a lot like Andrew, don't you think!  I totally enjoyed the holidays with these cute kids and their parents!  Here they are with their funny-looking knit hats that we put together throughout the week.  Christmas was fun and busy with choir practices, missionaries for Christmas breakfast, setting up a trampoline, and my Christmas gift--a trip to the Biltmore Hotel in Asheville, NC.

We traveled about 4 hours away in a beautiful downpour, seeing the country, chatting and playing with Jonah.  Asheville was freezing--but we loved it!  The Biltmore has so much history, and the mansion is elegant and reminds me of Downton Abbey.  The pictures above are Jonah asleep through the 3 hour tour as Maren carried him.  We took pictures in the Stable Restaurant (which used to be the stable) as we enjoyed our very southern lunch which included sweet potato fries, BBQ chicken, pork, collard greens and a good variety of other things.

The Biltmore and grounds when we visited were in the dead of winter, but they're very beautiful.  And what a huge place.  The Vanderbilts employed hundreds of people to keep the place up with many inventions not used by others until about 50 years later.  They also were quite a generous family, planning a Christmas party yearly where they gave gifts to all the workers and their children.  The inside of the mansion is restored and elegantly beautiful, but we weren't allowed to take pictures inside.

This Christmas was a wonderful time for me.  Not only did I love being with the NC Bosleys, but was able to see Grandma and Mike and Jon and Rebecca's family in UT.  I totally missed seeing Ryan and Darice's family this Christmas, but got to celebrate with Brooke and Jake and the girls before I left.  Thanks, everyone, for all the fun and love from all of you.

In addition to all the milestones this year, let me add two more, which I am so pleased about.  Carson and Josh both received the Priesthood and can now pass the sacrament.  What an honor for them.  They both turned 12 within a few weeks of each other.

Fun times at Thanksgiving

We were able to find some time together at Thanksgiving.  We only had a few days, but we managed to fit a lot into those days.  The kids enjoyed splashing in the jacuzzi with their cousins and having a music night where everyone were good sports.  Cousins got to spend time in the backyard and playroom, sleeping all over the house, and putting on a fun play which they made up from scratch and enlisted all the kids to participate in.  They made some good memories.  We had orange rolls for Thanksgiving dinner and WE MISSED THE NC BOSLEYS.

Morgan's Baptism and Maylin's Blessing

Last year, 2012, was quite eventful in our family.  Three new grandkids arrived from Heaven, and 2 grandkids were baptized.  I traveled to AZ for Maylin's blessing and Morgan's baptism, and earlier in the year to NC for Hyde's baptism (previous blog).  Lots of blessings for me.  I love to travel to the baptisms and try to not to miss them.  Here are some pictures taken in AZ.