Saturday, July 6, 2013

Coming home

The trip was cut short by a week after I had an accident on a bus in Copenhagen.  I spent 5 days in the hospital while trying to heal and make arrangements with our insurance to bring us home.  We did travel home first class, which made things a little better for both of us.  Pictured here is the Copenhagen airport with tall ceilings and things very grand and sleek, but not ornamental at all.

The security here was very low key.  We were not searched or insulted or made to feel ill-at-ease at all.  It was a very nice experience in a wheelchair (if you don't count the pain when having to move).

 Because of our first class status, we were taken directly to the SAS first class waiting room, where there was a huge smorgasbord, free for all first class passengers.  The picture shows a variety of things we could choose from--all delicious.  Here you can see meatballs, potato, lox, sausage, lemon and bread.
After managing to get into the plane and the seat, we were treated royally.  The seats tilted back all the way and were very comfortable.  The trip began with a special before-dinner drink, which we chose with cranberry juice and sparkling water.  Next came the warm wash clothes.  Then a five-course meal with sandwiches and other appetizers, salad, main dish choices with hot rolls, dessert choice.  Everything was delicious, and they continued throughout the flight to offer cookies and candies and drinks--none of which I could stuff myself with any more. 

  Below is a shot from the airplane high above Denmark soon after leaving Copenhagen to return home.  Our stop in Chicago and trip home to SNA was a very different story, but we got home safe and sound.  After that, recovery took about 10-12 weeks with the help of my wonderful children and ward members.  I was able to return to school about 4 weeks after I came home.  Now as I write this, it is four months since the accident and I feel completely healed.  It was a good trip, with some major complications.

From Stockholm to Malmo and beyond

This picture of the beautiful sunset was taken on the train crossing the ocean from Malmo, Sweden to Copenhagen.  We traveled from Stockholm to Copenhagen in a five hour trip, arriving in Copenhagen, Denmark about 6 pm.  The trains are comfortable and roomy.  You can bring your own snacks or purchase a few in one of the compartments.  We enjoyed a lot of beautiful scenery, a good time to chat with each other and other passengers.

After arriving in Copenhagen and finding our room (pictured below), we took off the next morning back to Malmo and the surrounding towns where the Carlson family lived hundreds of years ago.  I wanted to go to the individual towns and visit the churches and do a little genealogy, but time was so limited and we ended up taking a train from Malmo to Helsingborg and back, making a stop in Landskrona, midway.
I have put together a book of the trip, where a map shows each little town, about sixteen, all located around Landskrona, where our ancestors lived.  In the book, each town's church is pictured, and I have added the names of our ancestors who were born, married or died there.  I think it is a good way to keep track of the events and those people who were our ancestors.
 In Malmo, we started out at the information office outside the train terminal (pictured above).  They were very helpful.  The Swedish archives were located about a 15 minute walk from there where we might have found out more, but we decided to get on the train and take a look at the area and try to get to the little towns.  Unfortunately, we we didn't see the towns up close except for Landskrona, where we tried to get around, but without a car we needed to take the buses, and no one, although they wanted to help, seemed to know where the little town of Saby was located, even though it showed on the map to be just outside of Landskrona.  We found an area called Sabyhoms with this street sign on the outskirts of town, but I believe the Saby we were looking for was still beyond and we had no way or time to get there.

 This is the Landkrona train station.  It was a cloudy day and frightfully cold.  We found some lunch in the grocery store next to the station, warmed ourselves and waited for a bus.  The grocery store was fun to see.  They carried about everything, like a Target, but had a large section for food, and a huge display of danishes, cookies and cakes (always a big fascination to me).
 The next day we traveled to Odense by train to find Andrea's family ancestors.  This was in the opposite direction from Malmo.  When we arrived it was snowing and very cold.  But the sun came out shortly and it was a beautiful day.  This church was one of many in Odense, but I love how this picture turned out.  We didn't travel much in Odense, but went to the Archives where Andrea found some helpful info.
This is me sitting on my twin bed, with the down comforter on Andrea's bed, but folded up on mine.

Scandinavia Trip

I'm finally getting around to blogging about the fateful Scandinavian trip.  Now that the bones are healed and things are back to normal, AND I can navigate the pictures on my computer, I think I can actually continue.  Most of the houses are small, with many apartments or individual homes that are often shaped like square boxes.  Very few homes are 2-story, but the apartments were multi-stories.
The first picture is near where we got off the train to attend church in one of the Stockholm wards.  It was our first day in Sweden (Sunday) and finding the place was quite an ordeal.  But after help from some friendly Swedes, we found the church about 2 hours late, just in time for the next ward to start.  Same songs, same agenda, and actually quite the same building layout as ours in the US.  Only the language and scenery are changed.  It was quite the accomplishment to get there and enjoy the meeting, even if one of the talks was in Spanish, being translated into Swedish.  The ward members were friendly and very helpful, and actually drove us back to town after the meeting.

We had a lot of snow on the landscape while we stayed there, but I don't think it snowed at all while we were there, except for a few flurries.  It was very cold, especially with the wind blowing fiercely at night.  The second picture I think is beautiful.  The landscape, although covered with snow, is gentle and sweeping as this picture shows.