Sunday, February 3, 2013

Harbor Cruise at Thanksgiving

 Cambryn, Kate, Morgan, Katie
Audrey and Jake in the background
 Darice and Maylin sittin' pretty in the sunshine.
 Jon and Rebecca and Matthew.
Brooke, Jake and Audrey.

Cambryn, Jessica, Kate, Bristyn,
Morgan and Katie.  In the center of the boat was a big mattress covering the engine.  It was fun to ride on the mattress as it jiggled.

Jon and Josh watching the activities.

Brent, Carson and Josh soaking in the sun on the top deck of the boat.  Such fun kids!


 The girls are busy writing notes to each other.  Very cute.  They loved being with cousins.

Here are a few pictures of our Newport Bay cruise over the Thanksgiving weekend.  It was a beautiful day and we were warm inside the boat cabin.  We had a 2-hour bay cruise, and everyone went and had a great time.  Even the seals we found as we came to the end of the harbor enjoyed the day.  But further out the fog was thick.  We stayed in the sunshine.  Audrey even warmed up to Ryan on the ride.

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