Monday, August 23, 2010

Here's some more of those cute kids having fun together.

Morgan and Katie were good pals and had fun together. Brent and Jessica and Rebecca are enjoying the fun at the park with cousins and all. Next is the younger grandkids playing school and the great game of pretend.

Here's Darice and some of the grandkids that went to explore Salt Lake City. This was in front of the Beehive House. Next Brooke and Kate taking a swim in the hotel pool, then here's Ivy coming down the slide at the park.

The first few days we all spent time together and played. Some of the grandkids having fun at a Provo park, the three brothers enjoying being together and everyone stuffed into one hotel room to hang out and chat.

The whole family descended on Provo within a couple of days before the party. Here are all the grandkids and great grandkids in the one second we could get them all together. All in all we had about 80 friends and family attend the party to honor Mother. It turned out so well.

Will's baptism was a very special event. I was invited to give one of the talks at the baptism. Thanks for that special honor. Will was so ready to be baptized and so cute. He looked great in his new suit.

Here we are in the strawberry fields in North Carolina. Everyone enjoyed picking--even Nate. They were so luscious and huge, and before we knew it we had a huge collection. So good!