Monday, August 23, 2010

Here's some more of those cute kids having fun together.

Morgan and Katie were good pals and had fun together. Brent and Jessica and Rebecca are enjoying the fun at the park with cousins and all. Next is the younger grandkids playing school and the great game of pretend.

Here's Darice and some of the grandkids that went to explore Salt Lake City. This was in front of the Beehive House. Next Brooke and Kate taking a swim in the hotel pool, then here's Ivy coming down the slide at the park.

The first few days we all spent time together and played. Some of the grandkids having fun at a Provo park, the three brothers enjoying being together and everyone stuffed into one hotel room to hang out and chat.

The whole family descended on Provo within a couple of days before the party. Here are all the grandkids and great grandkids in the one second we could get them all together. All in all we had about 80 friends and family attend the party to honor Mother. It turned out so well.

Will's baptism was a very special event. I was invited to give one of the talks at the baptism. Thanks for that special honor. Will was so ready to be baptized and so cute. He looked great in his new suit.

Here we are in the strawberry fields in North Carolina. Everyone enjoyed picking--even Nate. They were so luscious and huge, and before we knew it we had a huge collection. So good!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Disneyland and more cookies. This is Josh in the darker picture. His cookie is a bunny mask.

Here is Brooke and Jake's new place. Nice!

The Utah Bosleys came for a visit for Easter vacation and although it was a short stay, we filled it with fun things to do. Here are some cookies we decorated--and ate.

There was also a lot of splashing going on in the jacuzzi--it was Conference weekend, and we watched Conference but we still visited with Brooke and Jake at their place, had an Easter egg hunt and went to Disneyland with our Disney Days vouchers. Jon's family delivered food to shut-ins in Utah and I made a fleece quilt and hat for someone here in Orange County.
We went early to Disneyland and it rained in the morning (poured) then by noon was beautiful. After the rain came the crowds.

Ryan and Darice and family were here from AZ enjoying the party and the beautiful weather.

Looks like Carson had too many cupcakes. We all enjoyed being together.

Here we are at Brooke's new place--lots of parking, greenbelts, close to her work and they love it!

Kate has learned her first lesson in birthday cakes! You just dig right in and eat. She wasn't sure what to do when she saw the whole cake placed in front of her, but Mom soon showed her what to do. It was a cute ladybug cake that Brooke made. The two of them looked so cute!

Kate is growing up! A year now and she's walking when she wants to and recognizes me. But no teeth yet! Very cute!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

I love this picture, although Rebecca is missing. She was taking the picture. Look at the snow covered mountains on the Provo side of the lake. We are standing on Provo Lake here where it is frozen over, and very cold. It was a gorgeous day! And fishermen were out ice fishing in holes they had augered out.

Here's the family singing the Christmas carol they sang in church the Sunday before Christmas. Rebecca is playing the piano, and each took a turn singing a part. Some good harmony too. Nice job!

Katie loves gymnastics! Here she is practicing on her balance beam constructed by Jon and Rebecca, but given by Santa.
Christmas Day was fun playing games, taking pictures and watching everyone enjoy their presents. Later in the day, Rebecca served homemade cinnamon rolls and orange crescents along with wonderful HB ham, sweet potatoes and broccoli. Such a fun day!

Here's Matthew with his Christmas pony. We read Richard Scary's books that Rebecca found. They were the same books I read to my kids 30 years ago. They are still great books--Matthew had lots of fun looking for Lowly Worm and discovering the great adventures of the other characters on every page.
A cute little "cow" visited me on Halloween night. She didn't mind the costume and seemed to know what to do with the pumpkin treat basket. Thanks Brooke and Jake for coming over. That was a "treat."

This is Thanksgiving weekend in Arizona. We had a great time. Just before I arrived in Buckeye, I loved this sunset, and knowing AZ sunsets are super, I stopped to take a picture before it was dark.
Ryan, Darice and I stopped for a second just before Thanksgiving dinner the next day to take this shot. The food was fabulous--turkey and all the trimmings--even orange rolls. And I think, seven pies. What a feast!
Later that night Carson played one of several of his 16 Christmas carols he had learned. After he played it thru once, I played a duet with him. He's a good little pianist. Way to go, Carson. Keep up the good practicing!