Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Bosleys and Campbells got together for some delicious lasagne and brownies. Sorry I didn't get a picture of all who were there. It was quite a bunch. We had Jon and Rebecca Campbell and their two kids, Dureece and Brett and their two, Jon and Rebecca Bosley and their five, Mother and Mike and Me. Not all are pictured. This was taken after the crowd left. It was so fun to get together. Thanks J & R for hosting the whole group.

It was HOT! It was very sunny. It was a great day to sit in the shade and watch Jon's kids have fun on the fantastic park equipment. Notice Jessica hanging on this sliding bar. Great smile. Also see how tall Brent is. He's as tall as Rebecca. Matthew, Josh, Katie and Jon are all there but not pictured. In the background are the Wasatch Mountains, Provo and Provo Lake. What a beautiful place!
After a fun game of (oh, what is this called) Jon's kids with my encouragement were able to actually bend their bodies so that their toes reached their mouth. Well, I couldn't hope to do that nor I'm afraid would I want to. Lots of fun though.
We all had fun at the beach. The waves were especially high and we played across the street from the beach house. We wanted to have a hot dog roast the next day but all the local natives had reserved all the firepits, so where did we have our roast? At the beach house of course. We spread out our towels on the front patio, sat under the umbrella and barbequed our hot dogs and s'mores on the brand new BBQ. It was a fun day.