Monday, July 2, 2012

Summer Music Camp at Carden Hall 2012

Here are pictures of our Music Camp this summer, called Scenes and Songs from the Sound of Music.  We had 17 children enroll, and of course most of them want to singers and actors in the future.  In fact, after they signed up they had to wait till summer--about 3 months and they couldn't wait many told me.  It was a cute success, but you see we only had a room and a blackboard and 2 cardboard stands to work with.  So the children made 4 scenery backdrops, their own costumes, learned 10 songs and all the dialogue to go with it.  The first picture is the nuns scene.  One nun is using my black shawl, another a napkin to make the head gear.  Next picture is Maria and the children singing "My Favorite Things"  The next scene is "Doh a Deer" and the next is "The Lonely Goatherd"  The kids were the puppets too.  Last is 2 of the 3 boys who enrolled.  What a bunch!

Easter weekend and Hyde's baptism day were on the same weekend, so I planned a trip out to NC to see everyone.  We had such a good time!  The first picture is all the sweet, eager faces that greeted me.  Next picture is me and Ivy starting to cook.  She was pretty proud that she could help.  Then Hyde's baptism day was a total success as seen in this cute picture before going under the water.  The last picture is the whole family with Christ in the background.  Great picture, except Ivy thought we were doing a silly picture.  That one is the next, where only Hyde was silly--but oh how silly  :)  Well, Nate is always up for silly--and cute.  :)

Busy activities the weekend of Kate's BDay

March was a busy month.  It was Kate's birthday and Audrey was getting blessed.  Ryan and Morgan and Bristyn came for the celebration and here is a picture of us girls in the kitchen cooking up something good.  Below is the bounce house Brooke got for Kate's birthday.

Jon and Rebecca also came that weekend.  It coincided with a cruise they took to points south of here, so they were able to be here for Kate's party and the baby blessing.  It was so nice to have so many here.  What a windy day, the day of the blessing as pictured above.  Also above Morgan and Bristyn are wearing their Easter ears and Bristyn also wearing her Easter hat at the same time.  How cute!.  As I said, it was cold and windy that weekend.  When we all went to walk on the Balboa pier, we just wrapped blankets around the little ones to keep them warm. 

January can be a slow time as everyone gets over the holidays and winter is upon us all.  But three things I can always count on in January is a fun piano recital, the blossoming plum tree blooming with thousands of white flowers, and the tangerine tree in the front yard yielding her gorgeous orange fruit with the sweetest taste and so easy to peel.  We celebrated Brooke's birthday and Valentine's Day at Brooke's apartment because she wasn't going out much yet.

It's really been a long time since my last post, but life gets in the way.  Here I am, now, out of school for a few months and being able to do some of the things I've been waiting to do.  But where to start---  Some of you may think I might not have much to do, being the only one to ramble through this big structure--older people are supposed to have lots of free time, right?  But that time hasn't come yet for me. 

So here we go....

Here we are at the beach the beginning of January 2012.  Ryan and Brooke's families and I went for a beautiful day of beaching.  Pictured is Morgan and Carson.  The waves were pounding the shore and the grandkids were building sand pits and fortresses.  Brooke was expecting Audrey in another week, but she was still able to be with us.

The next week I went back to school and Brooke delivered her little Audrey.  Such a cute baby with LOTS of hair.  There were visits to the hospital every day to hold her and join Brooke and Jake in getting to know her.  Kate was proud too.